Robin George and Jenny Darren Savage Songs


SavageSongS is a coming together of Robin George and Jenny Darren, the rocking granny who blew Britainís Got Talent away, and in the most unlikely manner this collaboration works with both artists bringing out the best in each other.

SavageSong kicks off this musical goldmine and boy do these two know how to rock, time to get those seatbelts strapped on.

Selfish shows Jennyīs vocal range at its best, underpinned by some moody flamenco guitar and interspersed with great chunky riffs showing off her bluesy vocal, reminiscent of that little-known chanteuse Janis Joplin

 SirenSong blends Jennyís vocals with the raunchy guitar rhythm from Robin and Mel Collinsí alluring sax riffs.

Love is Blind is a get-down blues song; laid back yet in your face and probably the standout track here.

American Way is a funky power-pop song, raising Jesse James from the grave in the process! Ye Ha

 Castles in the Sky offers a mellow break from the rock onslaught. Itís difficult listening to this to imagine that jenny is one of the UKís most famous rock grannies.

 Freedom is a moody blues song with heavy dirgey riffs, Jennyís vocals here being very laid back and balanced with some strong harmonies from Jenny and Robin.

 Oxygen is a love song pure and simple, with very soulful vocals 

 Next is the Rubicon which is akin to a vocal boogie with Robinís guitar wide open and the sax by Mel adding another layer of textured sound to the excellent mix.

 BlueSong tugs at the heartstrings with its moody vocals and slide guitar parts. Just another blue song? I think not!

 LovePower and Peace shows that Jenny can not only rock but can handle ballads welded together by Robinís acoustic guitar and some beautiful sax parts from Mel, with Jennyís angelic choir gliding in with the band. If this one doesnít tug at those heartstrings I am not sure what will.

 Selfish has a reprise as a techno remix by Klaus Bohlmann, the man responsible for mixing and mastering Robin and Pete Haycockís LovePower project and all of Robinís many recent albums.

Robin George or Psycho (Cowell) No Brainer!

 Roger Stevens


5* out of 5* Pure gold rock!

Robin George and Jenny Darren Robin George and Jenny Darren