Robin George Biography 2023

Robin George has worked with many more artists and projects than most realise, and during the ‘80s he built up a name for himself as a guitar player, musician, producer, songwriter, and solo artist.

Born and raised in Wolverhampton, Middle England, Robin began playing guitar at an early age. A plastic Beatles’ guitar Christmas present from his mom and dad set him on his way when he was eight years old, then his mom, recognising his talent, bought him an acoustic Spanish guitar. She spent many happy hours singing beautiful tunes for Robin to learn. He later swapped the acoustic for his first electric guitar, a Watkin’s Rapier 33. He took his guitar to junior school, family parties and at 14 he was asked to join his first band. Robin was expelled from Wolverhampton Boy’s Grammar School, where he was, allegedly, the first pupil to be expelled for 100 years. When he started his next school, Highfields Comprehensive, it was like a new lease of life; released from the power of the cane he was encouraged to embrace the power of music and became the guitar player in assemblies and school dances. He soon rebelled and was expelled again, however!

Robin started at Bilston FE college but was invited to tour Europe with his band Life, so he ditched education without a second thought and became a journey man. His dad, a factory owner and master engineer, told him to get a real job and if he lasted a year, he would have his full support. He did it by working all day selling steel then driving to London at night to play and sing sessions in the legendary Denmark Street Studios. He would stop at Watford Gap service station and change from his work suit to platform boots, flared jeans, silk shirt and a leather jacket, ready to rock.

So, for his 21st birthday, his mom and dad bought him his beloved Gibson Les Paul Custom…he had proved himself.

Robin then toured in Denmark, Germany France and Belgium, including US Army bases! the first gig at the Shape base, Belgium, was at the Officers Club, he recalls it was hilarious watching then and their wives trying to waltz to rock & roll! The band spent the rest of the residency playing the youth club and went down a storm! This was years before Spinal Tap!

Robin then recorded his first single Too Late, featuring Dave Holland (Judas Priest), Pino Palladino (The Who) and Mo Birch (Culture Club, UB40) for the History album. Robin taught himself to engineer at this time, an influential moment in his career.

The History album cover photo was taken by the great Finn Costello and featured as Kerrang’s front cover, issue 52. Finn also took the iconic cover photo for the Dangerous Music album with art and design by the immensely talented  Andie Airfix, who also created the artwork for the LovePower & Peace sharing album.

Robin was working with Daniel Boone (Beautiful Sunday) who introduced Robin to the former Uriah Heep vocalist, David Byron, suggesting Robin mix Byron’s forthcoming single Every Inch of the Way. This he duly did, and they almost immediately formed The Byron Band with Robin producing and playing guitar on the subsequent album ‘On the Rocks’. The pair worked really well together, both playing and writing, and this work would tragically be David’s last recorded material.

1981 and 1982 saw Robin continue to work with Daniel Boone. He also toured and recorded with Roy Wood (The Move/ Wizzard /ELO), doing both live gigs and TV shows (bootlegs exist of this live work). It was at this point that Robin met Roy Cooke, his current press manager and web designer and he’s taken photos of Robin ever since. Robin also produced and sang backing vocals with Pat Hannon on Raymond Froggat’s Now and Then album. Robin engineered and recorded with Slade’s Noddy Holder as well as producing Diamond Head; the start of a long time association with the band. After co-producing the Climax demos for their next album with Pete Haycock, Pete invited Robin to join The Climax Blues Band, which he did for a short time, playing on their Sample and Hold album. He bought his BC Rich Bich 10 string from Pete, who had bought it from Slade, and this iconic guitar launched logos, album artwork, the Kerrang front cover and more.

1983 proved just as busy, with Robin producing Witchfinder General’s Friends of Hell LP and Quartz too, before releasing History 12" and his Go Down Fighting single on Arista. Ted Nugent would cover this song the following year.

Robin engineered a couple of singles for Tony Clarkin of Magnum which led to him joining Magnum for their highly successful 11th Hour Tour of the UK.

1984 also saw Robin produce the debut LP for Wrathchild’s Stakk Attack and also the beginning of the Dangerous Music project. In 1985 his publishers, Dejamus, brokered a deal with Bronze Records who released his acclaimed debut solo album, Dangerous Music, which launched the era of techno rock. This iconic album featured, amongst others, Dave Holland (Judas Priest), Mark Stanway (Magnum) and Thin Lizzy’s Phil Lynott; strengthening the bond between Robin and Phil who played bass on Showdown. Robin’s groundbreaking single, Heartline, charted worldwide.

Robin’s touring band in 1985 was Dangerous Music and featured ex Magnum drummer Kex Gorin, ex Wildlife bassist, Phil Soussan (later with Ozzy Osbourne), and keyboard players Mark Stanway and Alan Nelson. The band’s first live gig was Radio One's In Concert recorded at the BBC’s famous Paris Studios, opening for Phil Lynott’s Grand Slam.

During the Dangerous Music tour Robin guested live with Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page, Simon Kirk (Free, Bad Company), Brian May (Queen) and The Who’s John Entwistle.

Dangerous Music made many live TV appearances throughout the UK and Europe and the band frequently performed on the Tommy Vance Rock Show on Radio One. Both Tommy and Alan Fluff Freeman made Heartline their record of the year. A national radio tour followed. Later they were joined by second guitarist Huw Lucas (ex Korea and Trouble) for a UK and European tour supporting Uli Jon Roth and REO Speedwagon with the last date being played at the legendary Hammersmith Odeon London.

Robin then worked with Stuart Copeland (The Police) which led to Stuart suggesting that he, Robin and Derek Holt (The Climax Blues Band) formed a band. Robin began writing with Derek Holt although this project never came to fruition. Stuart decided he’d rather play polo than drums!

1985 also saw Robin record Nineteen at London's famous Roundhouse Studios with Phil Lynott and Paul Hardcastle. Phil asked Robin and Brian Downey to reform Thin Lizzy. The reformed Thin Lizzy was showcased live on major TV show The Tube, in what became Phil's last appearance before his untimely passing.

Robin then formed Notorious with former Diamond Head singer, Sean Harris. Their single, The SWALK was Simon Bates’ record of the week for 2 consecutive weeks on Radio One. However, the ill-fated album was deleted shortly after release in America due to record company changes. The far superior original recordings are now released on Angel Air. Around the same time Robin was allegedly headhunted by Duran Duran, who were at the time at their peak, an offer he declined due to other commitments.

Production and writing  with Glenn Hughes (Black Sabbath/ Deep Purple) followed, initially at Robin’s studio then at Ridge Farm where Robin was lucky enough to duet on guitar with Mel Galley (Trapeze, Whitesnake) but the album never saw the light of day apart from the track Haunted, which featured in the film Highlander 2.

Robin also produced and co-wrote an album with Birmingham Metal band, Marshall Law. The Power Game album is now available on Angel Air. Robin then played several club dates with Asia; vocalist/bassist John Wetton, Carl Palmer, Phil Manzanera and Don Airey. John asked Robin to join the band but, again, other commitments prevented him from doing so. He was soon back touring, as Robin George’s World. He also began working with Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant; both recording and song writing. Unfortunately, soon after, Robin’s studio was robbed, taking absolutely everything, including all the Robert tapes but for some reason, thankfully, they left all Robin’s guitars. Next, Robert asked Robin to bring all his keyboards to a studio in London in order to save Robert renting them at his own expense. All his fabulous keyboard collection was stolen with no recompense. Robin’s song Red for Danger appears on Robert Plant’s Sixty-six to Timbuktu album.

At the same time Robin was writing with Trapeze/Uriah Heep’s Pete Goalby as well as with John Wetton (Asia, King Crimson) and Pete Wingfield (Eighteen with a Bullet).

Robin produced and played guitar on We’ve Got a Fuzzbox and We’re Gonna Use It’s last single, Your Loss, My Gain. He subsequently produced You, an album for Vix Fuzzbox which was released on Angel Air in 2011.

Robin then re-formed Life with Diamond Head singer, Nick Tart and toured heavily around the UK, recording the Cocoon album over the course of a year at Robin’s Dangerous Music Studio in Shropshire. The band gained enough of a reputation to be offered several deals which sadly never came to pass, and they also recorded a number of sessions for BBC Radio One and live performances for TV shows including The James Whale Show. The re-mastered album Cocoon which also showcases previously unheard tracks was released by Angel Air in April 2010.

During their career the band also featured Marshall Law drummer Lee Morris (Paradise Lost), bass player Charley Charlesworth, Hammond organist Fred Skidmore from Dexy’s Midnight Runners and ex Hooters keyboard player Bill Rudolph.

Robin continued writing, recording and producing albums including solo albums Rock of Ageists, Crying Diamonds and Bluesongs. He also played guitar for The Medieval Babes and Joan ov Arc; the first British all girl X-Box band.

Robin also teamed up with UFO bassist Pete Way. They struck up a friendship while co-producing then touring the Waysted album, Back from the Dead. They subsequently decided to form Damage Control. Joining them in the project were drummer Chris Slade (AC/DC, The Firm) and Spike (The Quireboys). They released two CD's, Damage Control and Raw. Both received many rave reviews. Raw has also been re-released by Angel Air Records.

Robin’s more recent projects include producing the sharing album, LovePower and Peace, which features over sixty artists from the worlds of Rock, Blues, Soul and Pop who all donated their time and talents. 100% of all profits go directly to charity. A single, LovePower and Peace, was also released in aid of MacMillan’s Cancer Care. The project features, amongst others, members of Alice Cooper, AC/DC, UFO, Asia, Diamond Head, Motorhead, Uriah Heep, Duran Duran, Mott the Hoople, Marshall Law, the Climax Blues Band as well as solo artists Ruby Turner, Arthur Brown, Jaki Graham, Charlie George, Freya Copeland and Vix Fuzzbox.

Robin had teamed up with Pete Haycock and the core members of the LovePower and Peace sharing album to reform a true supergroup. The band also features Mel Collins (The Rolling Stones/ Eric Clapton), Charlie Morgan (Elton John/ Kate Bush), Jacquie Williams (Sister Sledge/ M People) and Charlie Charlesworth (Dangerous Music). The superb album, Broke Heart Blues was mixed by award winning sound engineer, Klaus Bohlmann, the beginning of a long-term partnership with Robin. Klaus has since mixed and mastered 9 albums for Robin.

Dangerous Music 2 was also released on Angel Air. Co-produced with Gus Dudgeon, It features Pino Palladino, Daniel Boone, Charlie Morgan and Chris Thompson.

Robin George returned to his power trio origins with the Dangerous Music album ‘Painful Kiss’. This bedrock solid band features the powerhouse drums of Charlie Morgan, the melodic, thundering bass of Charley Charlesworth and, of course, legendary cult guitar hero, Robin George. There are also star performances from special guests, Robin’s faithful friends. The late great Pete Haycock plays fabulous, awe-inspiring slide guitar, Mel Collins showcases his virtuoso, soaring saxophone and Jacquie Williams adds superb, soulful vocals.

The album features Robin’s original versions of many songs covered by household name artists over the years. A fascinating insight into Robin’s original writing as well as his inspired new songs. Back to the roots in 2016 for Robin and the Dangerous Music band.

2018 brought Rogue Angels; a storming album, driven entirely by the mighty talents of power rock duo, Robin George and Charlie Morgan. Eleven haunting, heavy songs with inspired performances on guitar and vocals and rock-solid power drums. Sometimes wild, sometimes moody and melancholic, always melodic. Every chorus is a hook with massive, mind-blowing guitars and drums and dark & stormy lyrics that transport you to a world of surreal dreams. This innovative album ushered in a new era of creativity and mastery of their art for Charlie and Robin.

2019 reunited Robin and Sean Harris (Diamond Head) and they began writing and recording their brand-new Notorious album! 5 great tracks in the can and stuck there for now!

Then came Lockdown. Robin spent ‘Rockdown’ recording & mastering 9 albums. An Asia CD/DVD is waiting in the wings along with Robin George and Glenn Hughes Overcome album being officially released in November 2023. There are more eagerly awaited releases waiting in the wings, Robin George & Roxstar Legends. Roxstar Legends artists’ bands include:

Thin Lizzy Led Zeppelin The Who AC/DC Asia Uriah Heep King Crimson UFO

Judas Priest Trapeze Magnum the Byron Band Diamond Head Life

The Climax Blues Band Renaissance Quireboys Dangerous Music

 Robin is also ready to release Surreal Six String (Instrumental), Heartlines (Acoustic) Robin George and dangerous Music Live and the superb, brand-new album, Dangerous Daze,

 In early 2023, Robin signed a major deal with Cherry Red/ HNE Records. Ace in my Hand is the first release, available now. Next up is Overcome by Robin and Glenn Hughes. Dangerous Daze is the next release, all new songs and really rocking! Next up on the release schedule is a 7 CD box set featuring all the albums from the Rockdown Remix sessions.

 Robin has lived happily in in an Andalucian mountain village in Spain for many years with his beautiful wife, Debbie and their menagerie of rescue animals. He constantly writes, records and releases albums because music is his life force and passion.