Robin George Interview re: Lovepower Band and Spanish Gigs


  1. What was the aim of the events and how did it come about?


I was invited to launch the new music venue at Cold Springs so asked that there be a charity element to benefit the area in which I live and in particular to help the many abandoned animals here.


For two years now I’ve been working on the LovePower and Peace Charity album (released on Angel Air Records on October 3rd) which features 60 artists from Bands such as Uriah Heep, Motor Head, UFO, Alice Cooper, Duran Duran and The Climax Blues Band as well as solo artists Ruby Turner, Jaki Graham, Arthur Brown and Daniel Boone to raise money for British Charities such as a fantastic music therapy centre (BCAT) and two hospices which are helping so many people. 100% of all profits go directly to the charities which is pretty much unprecedented. No musician has taken a penny nor has our record company, Angel Air. Peter Purnell who runs the label has been really supportive! When I told all the musos I was taking nothing, not even expenses, they all joined forces and gave their time and talent freely.


A recent video featuring all the artists involved with LovePower and Peace to support the victims of the japanese disaster can be seen at

Every hit counts!


I’m just finishing an album with the core band from that project, The LovePower Band. Available on Angel Air Records from October 3rd. I felt the fantastic musicians involved would bring publicity to this cause by bringing LovePower to Spain!

The mayor of Periana also invited us to headline the August Feria which seemed like a fantastic opportunity to launch the band in the untested waters of the Axarquia!


  1. Why is it so important to highlight the issue you were raising money for now.


My wife, Debbie and I travelled through Spain for 5 years and saw so many animals in distress that we couldn’t help at that time, but we are now able to make a real difference to their lives. They live to purr and bark another day! In these difficult financial times it’s so heartwarming to see photos of rescues featuring happy animals playing on fresh green lawns in Austria, Sweden, Germany, in fact throughout Europe, that were just about surviving alone on parched mountains here; no food, no water, no hope. The people here who have helped really deserve lauding for their incredibly hard work. The 500 euros we raised at Cold Springs will make a major difference.


  1. How many people attended?


There were thousands at the Periana Feria I’m told and from the stage it looked like hundreds at Cold Springs. I didn’t do a head count! I was busy!


  1. Can you give me a brief biography of you and the main protagonists.


If you check out my website you’ll see there are too many to mention here!


I’ve worked with so many fantastic musicians over the years as have the other players involved. It was fabulous to get together on stage with almost no rehearsal time. The performances from the band were superb on both nights. I’m really pleased, proud and privileged to have been a part of this. To be gigging again after 10 years in studios is just fantastic. I’ve got the bug again. More to come!