Robin George and Chilli guitar


I am really  pleased to be working with Neal Moser again.  
Neal designed and built the
BC Rich guitars I was known for playing, as well as merchandise items including earrings, pendants, shaped discs, badges...I must have liked them, I still do, the whole DC album was played on my BC Rich Mockingbird, and I used only my  Silver Bich on the recent Waysted tour. 

I only use through necks apart from Strats and Telecasters, but this bolt on Mini Moser is so solid I honestly can’t tell the difference. The quality of craftsmanship is excellent.
The guitar is beautifully set up (I would expect no less from Neil) with a superbly low action and spot on intonation all the way there and back!
The tremolo is really responsive, and best of all, it comes back in tune after even flat to the board bends.
A really flat fingerboard finishes the instrument to near perfection. 
The choice of pickups works really well for me with great tonality through-out…in other words, the
MMi-T sounds superb. Finally the vibrant colour (Red Sun) is absolutely stunning. 
Moser MMi-T is a great guitar, and will definitely feature heavily on the next Damage Control album.
For a man my age to stay up playing guitar ‘till 4am just because…is unheard of for me! And it’s Neil’s fault…nice work Neil



Robin with a Niel Moser  MMi-T Red  Sun

Robin with a Niel Moser  MMi-T Red  Sun


Robin and Pete Modelling the Damage Control FX Pedals



       Robin uses only Rotosound 9 Roto pinks on his electric guitars  and Rotosound CG9 9/ CG10 and CL 4 Black n Silver on his  accoustic/classical guitars.