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Heartlines Accoustic album  is  now available in CD format

and comes with a bonus track "Go Down Fighting" from Robins forthcoming cd

Surreal Instrumentals


For another side of Robin George, look and listen no further than Heartlines. 
A collection of stripped back numbers, Heartlines featuresRobin George in solo/ acoustic mode, with the additional textures of second acoustic or electric guitar and those trademark multi-layered backing & harmony vocals.

Opening with the Dangerous Music brace of 'Heartline' and 'Spy,' Robin George goes on to deliver another twelve acoustic (and electrically backed) numbers including rock and roll lullaby number 'Dark and Stormy', the alt-country blues of 'Moonlight Honey' and fun little looking back number, 'Early Daze.' 

There's also room on Heartlines for a more delicate, acoustic mix of Phil Lynott’s 'Kings Call,' which originally featured in more electric-folk guise on 2001 tribute album The Spirit of the Black Rose.

The only thing you need to have, or hear, from Robin George is the 12" of 'Heartline' and Dangerous Music?
Do me a favour. 
Actually, do yourself a favour and acoustically engage with Heartlines.

Ross Muir





summertime rockin robin george

Summertime Rockin is now available in digital format

(compatible with I-Tunes and other musical platforms)

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Hot on the heels of Robin’s current CD ‘Wilderness.’

This Exclusive Summertime Rockin release roars in with a boogie rock vibe not heard for ages!
Old school magic sounding fresh and now! In your face and in your ears!  Rock & Roll 2020s style.
Cool & grooving, indeed… Bring on SummerTime! Let’s get rocking Robin… play loud.

  "This Should be A Summer Hit" NME july 2021

              Available on Amazon Music and Apple Music




Order Wilderness by Robin George

Robin George Wilderness

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Robin's New CD Wilderness is now released in CD Format y

& includes a 12 page Rock Poetry Words Booklet

robin george Wilderness Booklet


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Robin George: Wilderness

With each new release we are given an insight to some of the different facets of Robin’s musical style, Wilderness is no exception. It is a musically hard hitting, lyrically inspiring collection of songs. Robin’s typically original melodies are the driving force of this powerful album which offers a lesson in musical diversity and, more than others, tells a story which is revealed in the 12-page Wilderness Words book of rock poetry, included in this beautifully packaged, eco-friendly CD.

1. The Eyeball Kid sees Robin storm onto the stage with a full-on boogie romp. Dynamic doesn’t even come close! Charlie Morgan’s magnificent, power drums provide a solid rhythm to offset the structured yet wild guitar riffs and thunderous bass from the mysterious Nibor Salcher, the solid rock bass for the whole album If this doesn’t rock your socks, I don’t know what will! ‘Big boys don’t cry’ and there ain’t ‘no painful kiss goodbye’.

 2. Firefox Freddie is another wild and wonderful track, telling a gloriously seductive tale of outlaw lovers who won’t let the bastards grind them down! You certainly need to take a breath and take stock after this fast-moving track which culminates in an explosive climax of thunderous drums and awe-inspiring guitars.

3. Wild Eyed Woman, a driving rock ‘highway to the stars’ thrills with heavy guitars and a seriously catchy tune. Robin’s trademark choral harmonies and strong choruses are indeed ‘born with music of the universe.’ The humour, which pervades the whole album, is encapsulated here with ‘what goes down on tour stays on tour’… and those of you who have been on a tour will understand the sentiment!

4. Deadwood changes the pace, adding some shade to the blistering heat of your Wilderness experience so far, and, in the words of the song, offers sanctuary. A beautiful song to ‘set your spirit free’ with truly innovative guitar work which will amaze and delight.

5. Bittersweet Heartbeat is a real rock n roll love story ‘smoking with desire’ and packed with enticing lyrical references to Robin’s immense back catalogue that will delight fans. This song immediately powers up with some real dirty riffs before Robin throws in some moody vocals then lets rip with his guitar orchestra and plenty of harmonies.

6. Rainbow Ridge is a sensual, heartrendingly beautiful song harking back to an age of innocence and beauty with glorious lyrics and musical magnificence. It is almost cinematic in its scope and conjures up a fairytale world of fulfillment and beauty with its magical fusion of angelic harmonies, moody, bluesy, hypnotic guitars and driving, melodic drums.

7. Cocoon is a hard-hitting, melancholy song lamenting the cynicism and superficiality of the music industry’s Wilderness. There’s something Bowiesque about the silver-suited Johnny Thunderbird; one of the many vibrant characters that dramatize this concept album and tell their own stories. Superb, soaring melodies are sprinkled with haunting harmonies and female vocals add balance and lightness. If this one doesn’t get into your head and drive you mad, I don’t know what will!

8, Freedom is a truly epic track. Opening with Robin’s throbbing guitar which transforms into a menacing electric rage, underpinned by Charlie’s mighty war drums; tribal and primal, this is a dark and Dangerous song. The musical union of these two brothers in arms is nowhere more clearly sensed. The contrasting silken, yearning harmonies singing their impassioned Freedom song shine a light through this captivating, compelling masterpiece.

9. Rock n Roll BusynessMan rocks in with a swirling guitar break before the story begins, I say story but the lyrics are all about the charlatans within the record industry and anyone in the music world will certainly recognise some of the song’s sentiments and may even understand the inspiration for this rocking little tune. As with every track, Charlie Morgan’s power drums are top drawer and lay a solid bedrock for the song.

10, Belief is musically full of harmonies and acoustic guitars, lyrically telling a story of religious diversity. I found myself enraptured by Robin’s words leading into a calming middle eight, before being whisked back into the deep, meaningful verses.

11. Wilderness rocks on with Robin’s sliding bottleneck guitar; an inspiring new genre of Rockleneck? Charlie’s marching drums guide the hero home from the Wilderness ‘back where I belong, rocking fields of clover’ to his love ‘I missed you in your pretty dress’. It feels like the final, joyous homecoming scene of a Technicolor Western and completes the conceptual cycle of the panoramic, cinematic world this bedrock shaking album paints. ‘Rock the World Magazine’ 2021 Roy Cooke and Debra Derryn 10/10



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