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Robin George Wilderness

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robin george wilderness warriors                   robin george and phil lynott   robin george and asia

Dangerous Daze

Robin George & Wilderness Warriors


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bittersweet heartbeat by robin george



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Robin did a very forthright and in depth interview on sunday to hear it here is the link below

Robin George Interview 12.02.19 - Skid's House of Loud

Now Available on Angel Air Records - The Critically acclaimed Rogue Angels

Robin George Rogue Angels

To see the video promo of "Dark and Stormy Night from rogue Angels Click HERE

Savage SongS is now released 08 02 2019

Robin George and Jenny Darren



 Robin George and Jenny Darren  Robin George and Jenny Darren

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I would like to take this moment to thank the invaluable team behind the SavageSongS album; all the guys mentioned in the picture, but mostly Debs aka Fiona Bond for album cover design, video filming, editing and general inspiration. Of course, special thanks to Charlie Morgan, Mel Collins, Jenny Darren for her fab vocals, Klaus Bohlmann, Roy Cooke and Angel Air Records.

More thanks for radio, tv and press support which is much appreciated. You know who you are and so do I, ta ;)

It's out, it's done and time to move on! Great news afoot. Watch this space!!


Robin George Painfull Kiss Dangerous music 2 robin george  


Released  on Angel Air Records, Amazon and I-Tunes
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