Dangerous Daze due for release on April 8th (Robin's Birthday)

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I'm really pleased to report that, 30 years on, the complete History album has now been released by Angel Air Records
Classic Rock journalist Malcolm Dome, London, February 2014 Wrote: ‘Perhaps in some ways, ‘History’ represents a look back at what might have been. But it also is a celebration of the way in which the huge caucus of emerging abilities involved sparked off each other, and made things happen.
Robin George has had a distinguished career over the past three decades, working with a succession of major names. But what this album underlines is how creative he was even in his formative years.

‘History’ is not a nostalgia trip. It’s a lesson in music for everyone’
Malcolm Dome

Robin has done an interview with FIREBRAND magazine about the release of HISTORY to read click

Click here for a review of HISTORY



Dave Holland
Pino Palladino
Mel Collins   
Daniel Boone     
Phil Lynott        
Mark Stanway  
Mo Birch   
Pete Wright      
Terry Rowley
Trapeze/Judas Priest
Paul Young/The Who
King Crimson/Eric Clapton
Daniel Boone
Thin Lizzy
Robert Plant/UB 40

Robin’s first major release was The History 12” with Arista Records in 1983.

The single, ‘Go Down Fighting’ did really well. It was A listed on many ILR rock shows, as well as Tommy Vance’s  BBC Radio One Friday Rock Show, and Fin Costello's photo from the EP was featured as the Kerrang front cover, issue 51. Robin George and Life's first gig was broadcast live on Beacon Radio from the renowned Lafayette Club.

The band was gigging and recording; about to become the new Trapeze, until Dave had an offer he couldn’t refuse from Judas Priest.

Robin and Dave continued recording together until the early 1990s, and produced some great works...


The master tapes remained in the vaults until recently, when Robin transferred and re-mastered them for the digital age.

This is the complete 14 track History album recorded from 1979 to 1981 at The Old Smithy, Worcester in studio downtime.

The rest is History!






5.   SHOWDOWN                                                                       

6.  SHE REALLY BLEW MY MIND                    

7.  RUN IN THE DARK                      

8.  DAYLIGHT                                             

9.  GET ON YOUR KNEES                             








Pete Haycock Memories

Part 1

I first met Pete Haycock way back when. Loz, the bass player in my band Life took me to meet Pete and we hit it off immediately.
Pete asked me over again the next week. He had a studio at his home in Stafford, so we had a couple of beers and then recorded a version of the Eagles ‘Heartache Tonight’ for some reason. Pete played guitar and I played bass…I’d love to hear it now.

Pete and I stayed in touch and in late 1979 he invited me to co-produce/engineer the new Climax Blues Band demos at Raymond Froggat’s studio in the West Midlands. The sessions were great!
Pete arrived with a guitar he had just bought from Wolverhampton band Slade. It fascinated me. It was a BC Rich Bich 10 string and I’d never seen or heard anything like it before.

Pete was trying out all the different myriad of switches. The guitar sounded like everything from Gibson to Fender, but when he switched the overdrives on, I knew I had to get one.

Pete admitted the shape didn’t  really suit him, so after a bit of friendly cajoling he sold it to me (at a mate’s rate) and it became my trademark guitar throughout the eighties…I’ve still got it hanging on my studio wall right now! My marketing campaign for my first album featured Bich shaped picture discs, badges, earrings, shirts and even foam Bich guitars…great for gusset scrubbing etc.

Not long ago when I was chatting with Pete about the Bich, he said he was delighted to have helped launch my brand. He was that kind of guy.

robin george rich bitch 10 string

November 2013

Following the sad passing of Pete Haycock, who was working with Robin right up to the days before his passing on "Broke Heart Blues" Robin has been asked to write a few words about him for the  GUITAR PLAYER Magazine USA.


The interview will be in the January 2014 edition of Guitar Player Magazine.

Robin George Remembers Pete Haycock

I first met Pete way back in the late ’70s. He invited me to his home studio, and we hit it off immediately. After we had a few beers, we recorded a version of the Eagles’ “Heartache Tonight” for some reason. Pete played guitar and I played bass. I’d love to hear it now.

Pete stayed in touch, and he later invited me to co-produce and engineer some Climax Blues Band demos. The sessions were great, and the demos secured the band a new label deal. During the recordings, Pete bought a guitar into the studio that fascinated me. It was a BC Rich Bich 10-string. When I told Pete I’d never seen or heard anything like it before, he sold it to me at a mate’s rate, and it became my trademark guitar throughout the 1980s. I’ve got it hanging on my studio wall right now.

In the early ’80s, Pete invited me to co-write with him for the next CBB album, Sample and Hold, and he later asked me to audition for the band. I got the job. I used to sit and listen to Pete playing in the most relaxed way imaginable. He’d sit and smile, and the most incredible performances would flow through his magical fingers.

When I recorded the LovePower & Peace charity album in 2008—all profits continue to go to Compton Hospice Wolverhampton, Haven House Essex, and BCAT (Birmingham Centre for Arts Therapies)—I called and asked Pete to add his magic to the proceedings. Pete’s contribution is stunning. His slide guitar is at its very best—sublime and inspirational. Later on, when Pete went to Los Angeles to play on a film score for Hans Zimmer, he cajoled many great musicians to add their talents to the project—all for free! That’s the kind of friend he was.

We continued to bounce off each other both musically and as songwriters, and we grew closer together as we worked on our next project as “Pete Haycock’s Climax Blues Band featuring Robin George.” Pete called the group—which also features Mel Collins (Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton), Charlie Morgan (Elton John, Kate Bush), and Jacquie Williams (Sister Sledge)—the new, “true” Climax Blues Band. We finished the album—entitled Broke Heart Blues—very recently, and then came the devastating news that we lost Pete on October 30, 2013. The album is now dedicated to my co-writer and producer—my brother in guitar—Pete Haycock.

Pete’s sound was unique, and it didn’t matter what guitar he played—he made them all sing. His playing will always astound me. He made it seem so easy, and he could always bring a recording alive with his vibrancy and sensitivity. Pete generally used his classic Gibson Thunderbird on LovePower & Peace and Broke Heart Blues, and as you’ll hear, the roundness and depth of his sound are wonderful. (In fact, I EQ my guitar tone to match his whenever possible.) And, of course, if Pete wasn’t the best slide guitar player in the world, he was definitely in the top one

credit Micheal Molenda, Editor.

Pete Haycock

4 March, 1951 - 30 October, 2013

Pete’s wife, Alex, called me on  31st October 2013 with the devastating news that legendary Blues guitar player and my closest friend Pete Haycock had passed away. 

Pete was most famous for his time in The Climax Blues Band; especially for his co-written massive worldwide hit ‘Couldn’t Get it Right’.

We had just finished our new album, and were looking forward to touring together with our superb band who have been working with us for the last 5 years, firstly on The ‘LovePower and Peace’ sharing project, closely followed by ‘Broke Heart Blues’ which Pete envisaged as the new true Climax Blues Band recordings.

Alex has asked me to make sure this album is released in Pete’s memory. Pete was ready to reclaim his legacy with this fantastic work; new ground for both Pete and me.  He was playing and singing as well as always, as recently as last week.

 ‘Broke Heart Blues’ is a heart-breaking title for me now, but Pete’s countless fans deserve to hear his last fabulous performances.

 Professional to the end, Pete stayed with us long enough to finish the album.  I listened to ‘Broke Heart Blues’ last night and the words he sang from the heart and his stunning guitar work overwhelmed me.

This album will be dedicated to my co-writer and producer Pete Haycock, and hopefully will help his name live on.  If he wasn’t the best Blues guitar player in the world, he was definitely in the top one!

LovePower and Peace, Pete, my friend.  
Robin x


Robin is proud to promote an event by the studio of Andie Airfix, Andie was responsible for the Damage Control Music album artwork and the Iconic artwork for Robins charity CD Lovepower and Peace. 

Andie Airfix

Andie Airfix designed these
and now he's doing this...


Airfix Lounge

Working with Music’s ‘Megastars’

Andie Airfix has created some of the most memorable music designs of the last 30 years, working with The Rolling Stones, Metallica, Def Leppard, Dead Or Alive, AC/DC, Gun’N’Roses, Led Zeppelin & Paul McCartney to name a few. Now, for the first time, he’s spilling the beans. This will be a unique opportunity to hear first-hand how iconic designs are created for legendary music stars in the inspirational, unpredictable and sometimes utterly insane world of Pop Music and Rock'n'Roll.

As part of Brighton Fringe (from 4th May 2013) the Airfix Lounge celebrates Andie Airfix’s art and design work with an Exhibition and 11 ticketed Talks. They are inspired by the huge success of Airfix’s blog –

FREE EXHIBITION (May 6th - 25th) will feature iconic Airfix designs, unpublished work, original art, roughs, typography & logo designs and will evolve and expand over the three weeks as we delve deeper and deeper into the Airfix Archives.

TALKS £9 (£6) 7.30pm except Sundays at 3.00pm
For Talk dates and details, links and more – visit: 
http://www.andieairfix.com/ Andie is available for interviews/info, images -
info@rockbrighton.co.uk or info@andieairfix.com

TICKETS from Brighton Fringe box office (01273 917272) http://www.brightonfringe.org/ Direct booking ... http://tinyurl.com/crjt9fo 

AIRFIX LOUNGE updates – http://www.twitter.com/andieairfix & http://www.facebook.com/andie.airfix

Highly entertaining, often hilarious and possibly libellous, the AIRFIX LOUNGE will be an inspiration to both designers and music fans alike.

VENUE: SPACE@CREATE, New England House, York Hill, Brighton, BN1 4GH(5 mins walk from Brighton Station. Visit http://www.andieairfix.com/ for map)

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Robin's update for December.

"Say Sayonara by JoanofArc" featuring Robin on Guitar is released through I-Tunes  21.12.2012
To buy click the sleeve below

Say Sayonara by joanofarc featuring Robin George

The Rubicon is now finished and has been Co-produced by Robin, Pete Haycock and Klaus Bohlmann, Klaus has also been working on some remixes, edits of two of these trax can be heard here, Rubicon edits

For the Life Press release (December 2012) click here

Robin Has just finished his new video for the Robin George's Damage Control Band single Bitchin Blues



Robin George and ViX
"You" The new CD by Robin George and ViX is now  released on Angel Air Records, Spotify, Amazon and I-Tunes.

The lovepower Band new CD "The Rubicon" is now finished, release dates and details will be confirmed soon.
Scottish rock band Estrella have recorded two tracks written by Robin George and Pete Goalby, Mona Lisa's Smile and Chance of a Lifetime.

The  "YOU" CD By Robin and ViX (formerly lead singer of Fuzzbox) is released by Angel Air records on May 14th 2012

Robin George and ViX

Robin George's Power band with  support artist singer Lara Pulsar as special guest will be gigging again soon details are below.

Robin George and the Lovepower band

Click here to listens to Robins interview about Lovepower and Peace with Susan Marchant
at BBC radio Cambridge, Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk on the 30th September 2011

September/October 2011

Please see following press release and other links  re Lovepower and Peace CD : 

(Stefanie Bull www.journalism.co.uk)


Dmme Review


STOP PRESS   *****Robin and the LovePower Band play their first gigs in Spain*****

Click here for LovePower Band photos
Para fotos del LovePower Band click aqui
Click here for a live video clip


Lovepower and Peace Charity CD Cover

or a list of all the incredibly talented artists children and choirs who sang on the single
click here.

LovePower and Peace is the debut single by Robin George’s  LovePower, 100% in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support click here to buy for 69p   Add to Cart
Macmillan Cancer Support, registered charity in  England and Wales (261017) Scotland (SC039907) and the Isle of Man (604) For every single sold ALL 69p (inclusive of VAT) will be paid to Macmillan Cancer Support* (Charity Registered in England & Wales (261017) and in Scotland (SC039907) *Paid to Macmillan Cancer Support Trading Limited a wholly owned subsidiary of Macmillan Cancer Support to which it gives all of its taxable profits.

Edits from all the track on Lovepower and Peace are on you tube, search robin george lovepower and peace to listen


A video of track "The Rubicon" by Robin and the Lovepower band can be seen on the lovepower page

August 2011


Press cuttings of the Lovepower Band live in Spain, Click thumbnail images for larger view.

Robin and the Lovepower Band played their first live gigs in Spain including headlining a spanish fiesta with a crowd of 2000, pictures are available from here and a video is shown below.




For an interview about the gigs and the Lovepower Band click here

July 2011

Robin is putting the finishing touches to the Lovepower Band  CD and is putting together some tour dates for the band, the cd includes: Blue Monday, Lonely Avenue, Miss You, Rubicon and others.

April 2011

Ruby Turner  Garry Bushell  Arthur Brown  Jacqui Williams
Steve Hunter  John Wetton  Vicki Michelle   Alain Roberts
Charlie George  Robin George  Fran George  Aaron Scott
Jaki Graham  Pete haycock  ViX Fuzzbox   Satnam Gotra
Freya Copeland  Andy Pyke  Geri Minelle Gwyneth Paltrow

A review has been posted by Steven Reid on the following link;


A you tube clip has now been uploaded showing the making of the Lovepower and Peace Charity single for Macmillan Cancer Support, featuring Jaki Graham, The "Choir of the World" from Birmingham and the Choir from St Josephs School, South Woodham Ferrers, Essex, plus ViX, Freya Copeland, Pete way, Spike and Andy Pyke.

To see a video of the wonderful work Macmillan Cancer Support  click Here

St Josephs school choir, essex 


Monday 11.4.11 LovePower and Peace Day  single released

Monday 11.4.11 LovePower and Peace Day  @10.30 Robin will be doing a live interview with Chris Phillips at www.brfm.co.uk

Robin has done interviews with Capital FM in Spain about the single and its release, as has Ruby Turner. Pete Haycock and Andy Pyke have also done interviews  Click the image to listen in, They will be playing it constantly next week onwards.     

Robin has done an interview with Steven Reid for Rocktopia  and details are on the Site

Robin is also in this months edition of Fireworks magazine (details can be found on the Rocktopia web site) he has a fascinating, major interview which tells the story of the LovePower project. There is also a review of the soon to be released LovePower and Peace CD.

Robin has done a video for Artist Support Japan,  the video features the full version of "A little help from my friends" from the forthcoming  Lovepower and Peace CD, and has a montage of all the artists who feature on the track.


February 2011

The LovePower and Peace Cd with the entire profits going to three charities  Compton Hospice Wolverhampton, Haven House Essex, BCAT(Birmingham Centre for Arts Therapy)  is now finished and masters have gone off ready for its release.

January 2011
The line up for the lovePower band has now been finalised, members are :
Pete Haycock,  Charlie Morgan, Mel Collins, Jaqui Williams and Charley Charlesworth
, Robin George.


The LovePower  Band   LovePower & Peace single is due for release on 11.4.11.

Click here for more information

LovePower Logo By Andie Airfix Satori grafix LovePower and Peace Single cover

Grafix/Design bt Andi Airfix, Satori Studio's, Brighton

November 2nd sees the long awaited release of "Radio Silence" by Notorious Robin George and Sean Harris, these 15 tracks are from the original sessions recorded at Robins Dangerous Music Studios, and is available from Angel Air Records.

October 2010
October saw the legendary ARTHUR BROWN "the god of hell fire" join Robin in his electric studio in the spanish mountains to record vocals for the "Lovepower" sharing CD.

2 new videos from LIFE have been added from the archive, songs are Heartline and Cocoon.

September 2010
The Damage Control CD by Damage Control featuring Spike, Robin George, Pete Way and Chris Slade is now available.


Recent releases on Angel Air Records

Damage Control - RAW
Damage Control

CRying Diamonds - Dangerous Music Live '85
Crying Diamonds
Dangerous Music Live

David Byron Band
Lost and Found
David Byron - On the Rocks
David Byron
On The Rocks
Marshall Law -Power Game
Marshall Law
Power Game

Robin George
Dangerous Music

Oct 4th Release

We’re proud to announce the long awaited release of "Radio Silence"  by Notorious featuring Sean Harris (Diamond Head) and Robin. The  album  will released by Angel Air Records on November 2nd.

July 2010  Robin is working on the final mixes of the LovePower sharing cd ready for its release in February 2011

Robin is working on the final mixes of the LovePower  sharing CD (formerly damage Limitation) release date feb 2011

April 2010

Lost and Found (The Byron Band),
Crying Diamond/Dangerous music live '85 2cd set (Robin George),
Raw (Damage Control),
Power Game (Marshall law)
Cocoon (Life)
On The Rocks (The Byron Band),
have now been released by
Angel Air Records
and are available in  store and online @ HMV, I-tunes, Amazon.co.uk and all good independent record shops


January 2010

Robin has just completed a radio /press tour of the Spanish Costa del Sol.
To listen to his radio interview on Central FM click HERE
more pictures can be seen on the images page

It’s been an incredibly busy and productive year. 

I re-mastered 5 albums and recorded a album featuring John Fiddler, Pete Haycock, Charlie Morgan, Charley Charlesworth and me with guest bass from Pete Way. I’ve also recorded videos with  Vix, and a 2 part interview about David Byron all viewable at damagecontrolmusic.com, robingeorge.co.uk plus You-Tube etc. Fantastic musicians have flown out to our Electric Mountain Studios in Spain and have recorded great music here. 

I also released Damage Control ‘Raw’...and the David Byron Band ‘Lost and Found’ album through Angel Air Records. I’ve just finished a radio and press tour of the Costa del Sol. 

Lows were losing a number of friends and musicians, which inspired the recording of ‘LovePower’, a sharing album featuring over 50 artists from Rock, Soul and Blues, who’ve given their talent and time to help some very worthy causes.

More news on this project very soon.

The artwork is being completed now for Notorious ‘Radio Silence’ which is out very soon with Damage Control Music. We’ve also got all these albums due for release this year:

Life, Cocoon which features many un-released, unheard tracks written and played by great musicians and featuring Nick Tart ex Life and Diamond Head on lead vocals is out in April. It’s being released by Angel Air who are also putting out the first official release of Marshall Law’s Power Game in March, which I produced about 20 years ago.  

Dangerous Music’ which I’ve re-mastered and  features 1 extra track.

‘Dangerous Music Demos’…22 tracks of unreleased material recorded for my 2nd album.

I have been working on the lovepower sharing cd which  contains tracks co-written with David Byron (Uriah Heep), Daniel Boone, Pete Goalby (Trapeze, Uriah Heep)  John Wetton (Asia, Roxy Music), and more. Also featuring tracks with Pino Palladino (The Who etc.) and Charlie Morgan (Elton John Band) Some tracks were produced by Gus Dudgeon.

Pictures of the recording session at Birminghams Robanna's studio are below



 Photographs reproduced by kind permission from: David Brown

It also features my song ‘Red for Danger’ which Robert Plant included on his ‘Sixty Six to Timbuktu’ album. 

‘Bluesongs’ and ‘Crying Diamonds plus ‘Dangerous Music Live 85’ are scheduled for re-release. 

I’m re-mastering the original sessions for my first album ‘History’ featuring Pino Palladino , Dave Holland (Judas Priest), Mo Birch (Culture Club, Robert Plant), Pete Wright, Terry Rowley (Trapeze) and Mel Collins (King Crimson). 

I also have also produced and co-written 2 albums with Vix, former lead singer with 80’s chart band We’ve Got a Fuzzbox and we’re Gonna Use it mastered and ready to go.

Marshall law
Power Game produced and
remastered by Robin is being released in February  2010 by Angel Air Records. with a bonus track.
This is not to be confused with the illegal version on release by Majestic/Krescendo records.
Andy Pyke and Dave Martin both took part in the
LovePower sessions in march 2009.

Life is released in April 2010 - featuring Nick Tart and Robin, Life features new recordings, Nick features on the forthcoming LovePower project.

November 2009
Click below for radio station playlists
sunshine playlist
Radio Alpha 30-11
Radio Alpha 07-11

Robin’s also got 2 albums ; Raw featuring Pete Way, Chris Slade (AC/DC)and Robin and Lost and Found by The David Byron Band (Uriah Heep) out on November 2nd on Angel Air Records, They are also available  also available from Hmv (both instore and online). 
For a review of Raw by Record Collector click here

October 2009
For details for the release and distribution of "Radio Silence" the long awaited release by Notorious (featuring Sean Harris (Diamond Head and Robin George) click here

September 2009

It’s been an incredibly busy time here at DCM as we’ve been working on the Sharing album with 50 different artists and making fantastic music.

Robin’s also got 2 albums ; Raw featuring Pete Way, Chris Slade (AC/DC)and Robin) and Lost and Found by The David Byron Band (Uriah Heep) out in November 2nd on Angel Air Records, They are also available  also available from Hmv (both instore and online). 

We’ve also just finalised a deal for the long awaited release of Notorious featuring Sean Harris (Diamond Head) and Robin the "Radio Silence" album which will also be released  by Angel Air Records in November 2010

The new video for ViX "Cry Wolf" Shot in Spain last week has been added to the video page, click here

Below are a few recent pictures of Robin from a photo shoot session by the renowned Spanish Photographer
Natalia Presa.





October 2008
Robin has done an interview with Kevin Julie from travellers in Time/ Universal Wheels to see this interview click here  and one Robin did in 2003 click here , Kevin also has reviews about the two Byron releases releases Robin has been involved with.

Robin has recorded an online interview about the David Byron release One Minute More, click here

Marshall Law have now signed to Robins Damage Control Music label for the release of "No Justice"

LovePower and Peace is now release in CD and Download format.

Damage Control
"Raw" is now released in CD Format as well as download format.

We are pleased to announce that NICK TART,  lead singer and songwriter with DIAMOND HEAD and lead vocalist for the band LIFE with ROBIN GEORGE has signed to DCM.

Robin and Nick’s new album ‘LIFE’  features stunning performances from  true rock veterans!, Written with and produced by guitar legend and recording mastermind, ROBIN GEORGE, this is a high point in the DCM catalogue and a must have album for true melodic rock fans.

To celebrate Nick joining us we met up in Spain for a fascinating interview about the forthcoming album ‘LIFE’, the video will be uploaded soon, Audio samples have now been uploaded.

September 2008
Set for an October release
 is ’s new album "LovePower and Peace"  on Damage Control Music records Ltd. is the former lead singer of  chart girl band "We've gotta Fuzzbox and were going to use it."  "LovePower and Peace" features 11 stunning new songs written with and produced by Robin George.
August 2008

Damage Control  Radio 1 has now been deleted and RAW is now available in CD format
July 2008
Damage Control Music Records are pleased to announce the  release date of 1st August 2008 for "One Minute More" by  David Byron and the Byron  Band featuring unreleased tracks as well as interviews with David Byron
July 2008

We have also signed (the former lead singer from the highly successful girlband "We've got a  Fuzzbox & we're gonna use it" whose  top 10 hits include Pink Sunshine & International Rescue) who will release a 11 track anthology called LovePower and Peace written with and produced  by Robin George, release of this is likely to be early or mid September.
July 2008
Marshall law have also signed to Robins Damage Control Music for the  release of "No Justice" produced and Co-written by Robin George, due for release Later in the year.

May 2008
saw the worldwide online release of the second Damage Control CD - RAW featuring 12 songs from the trio of Pete way, Robin George and Chris Slade

The trio are embracing the power of the web with this release and are initially releasing it online to enable all the fans worldwide the same opportunity to get this.

Further details can be obtained from

The trio are embracing the power of the web with this release and are initially releasing it online to enable all the fans worldwide the same opportunity to get this.

Further details can be obtained from